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Is Your Computer Summer Ready? Tips You Must Know…

The kids are about done with their school year.  Is your computer ready?

Kids will soon be spending far more time at home than usual.  This means their screen time will likely skyrocket.  Is your computer secure?

There are two major tips parents should not only be aware of, but also implement to keep their children and data safe.

  • Keep your PC secure by keeping your anti-virus updated.  We all know people can be click happy.  This is especially true for children.  They don’t know what to look for when it comes to cyber security threats.  They are primarily interested in just getting to the game or website they want to get to.  Keeping your anti-virus updated will assist to prevent unwarranted malware infections.  PC Matic recommends using an anti-virus solution that implements application whitelisting.  This will only allow for known trusted programs to run.
  • Set parental controls.  There are multiple ways to do so.  First, you can create a specific user for each child.  By doing so, you can limit their access to each other’s files or programs.  You can also edit or disable the microphone or camera settings for each child.  Another method for parents to help moderate their children’s computer use is to access Microsoft’s parental control features here.  Within the control features, parents are able to moderate their children’s screen time, block certain websites, and even obtain computer use reports.

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your computers now.  Keep your children safe and your devices secure.

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