Punishments for Cyber Criminals – Or Lack Thereof

We must find a way to catch cyber criminals who continue to victimize businesses and home computer users, worldwide.  Cyber criminals made $1 billion in ransomware payments alone in 2016.

If and when these hackers are caught, what is an adequate punishment?

Punishment For Cyber Criminals – Or Lack Thereof

Krasimir Nikolova, a Bulgarian native, was extradited to the U.S. for his alleged involvement with the distribution of the malware, GozNym in September of 2016.  According to SC Magazine Nikolova is facing multiple charges, including criminal conspiracy, unauthorized access of a computer to obtain financial information, and bank fraud.  If convicted, Nikolova is facing 100 years in prison and a $3,500,000 fine.  Is this reasonable or even realistic?  If he is found guilty, is it fair for U.S. tax payers to pay for this man to be housed in prison for the rest of his life?  Hasn’t he already taken enough from Americans?  Understandably, these criminals must be punished.  Although, it seems incredibly unfortunate that we have to use American tax dollars to do it.

Another arrest recently occurred in Alberta, Canada after malware was discovered on University of Alberta computers.  This individual, Yibin Xu, a 19 year old student at the college is suspected for the attack.  According to Metro News, his charges include mischief in relation to computer data, unauthorized use of computer services, fraudulently intercepting functions of a computer system and use of a computer system with intent to commit an offence.  The maximum sentence Xu is facing, is not being disclosed.

What is your opinion? What is justice for these malicious crimes?  If you’ve been a victim of malware, what would you like to see happen to your hacker?



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6 thoughts on “Punishments for Cyber Criminals – Or Lack Thereof”

  1. Isolation on an island in the Canadian far north or northern Greenland, or maybe off Antarctica. Left with no food and only a crappy knife for hunting. And NO ELECTRONICS.

  2. Capital punishment. Extreme? Why? Drug pushers do not actually murder but are responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide. These vile vermin I am quite sure will be responsible for deaths directly related to their crimes as well. All vermin should be exterminated and once exterminated, the problem ceases to be a problem.

    1. @arnold: I was worried my hard stance would be condemned as we strive for enlightenment. But at this point 75% of opinions are the same. These criminals have already taken enough from you, me and many other people. I resent my money being used to reward them by giving them free room and board at a standard of living that I can’t afford myself. Or worse to have some shrink try to convince me that they are the victims. That’s how the world seems to have gone, I see whole generations raised to feel privileged and take what they want without fear of consequence. And without fear of consequence people don’t seem to care who gets hurt.(that means there’s nothing to keep them honest) The cycle shows progression over a couple generations I’ve been able to watch for myself. I agree with Grant CAPITAL punishment is not extreme but rather justified. The damage done is easily in league with those that hurt and kill by selling things like fentanyl for no other reason than avarice. The extent of damage may also include a foreign a power fixed election(Tech notes I read indicate that the technology used in the voter terminal system could’ve been hacked by a child). Also they found they’re bugs in one of the US north easts main power companies who, have no manual way to restore power after the virus is triggered, and they haven’t done a thing about it.. Now if power is cut during a severe winter storm. Half a million people without power, how many deaths could be caused because of greed(incorrigible), or because they don’t like you(an act of war).So Arnold I appreciate your point of view but I disagree. Do more research and remember last year they took more than a billion dollars from people and institution. Some like hospitals are a direct attack on everyones well being. AS LONG AS THEY GET REWARDED THEY WILL CONTINUE AND INCREASE. Empathize that.
      The harder the consequence the better. But you must catch them first and that could cost a lot.

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