Are You Compromising Security for User Experience?

Security Vs. Experience

According to a recent survey conducted by SecureAuth, 87% of IT professionals reported commonly feel like increased PC security interferes with the user’s experience.  Which begs the question, how often are security measures decreased to ensure user experience is not hindered?  With today’s cyber security threats, decreasing your protection platform is not an option.  But what does that mean for the user?

It could mean decreased productivity for the PC user, or it could mean there is very minimal interference with daily activities.  It depends on your security solution.  If a solid protection platform, that has several automated features, is chosen it should be able to function on “auto-pilot” without interfering with the user’s daily performance.  Unfortunately, finding a dependable security solution that will proactively protect against common threats such as ransomware, viruses, and trojans can be difficult.  Finding a similar security solution that has automated features to minimize the IT overhead and decrease user interruptions can be increasingly difficult.

The Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution.  Home and business users no longer need to choose between security and user experience.  PC Matic offers the only automated global whitelist solution on the market.  Meaning, you don’t have to monitor every single program and application users attempt to execute.  If something is not a known trusted application, our malware research team does the testing for you, and within 24 hours it is categorized as either trusted or malware.  PC Matic also includes patch and driver management and PC optimization tools.  This means, we take care of it so you and/or your IT department doesn’t have to.

PC Matic also offers PC Matic Pro Authentication, which is a three-factor authentication tool to keep your devices and data safe.  Three-factor authentication may sound time consuming, especially for the PC user.  Fortunately, PC Matic Pro Authentication uses passwords, type of device, and device location.  Therefore, two of the pieces are automated for you, using our technology.  IT professionals are able to use remote access to monitor any of the registered devices.  If there is suspicion of criminal activity, the IT admin can disable the device immediately.

Finally, security and user experience can go hand in hand, instead of feeling as if one has to be compromised to enhance the other.

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