New Cyber Security Concern Threatens Privacy and Bank Account

The latest cyber security locks your files and steals your personal information…

D0xware is the latest and arguably the most concerning form of malware to threaten PC users.  D0xware is a swift combination of personal data theft and ransomware rolled into one little package.  The malware will first encrypt your files, similar to ransomware.  Once it does that, it will steal your personal information.  This may include things such as your address, phone number, banking information or browsing history, to name a few.  The victim is then given 72 hours to pay the $5,000 USD demand in Bitcoin or files will start getting deleted and your information could be exposed online.

Once paid, there is no guarantee that the hackers will unlock your files and delete your personal information.  This leaves the door open for the criminals to keep your information and make additional future demands.

The exact method of distribution is unknown at this time.  It is important PC users be aware of this threat, and use logic when not only using their browsers, but prior to clicking on potentially malicious emails and attachments.

So to recap, you have the file encryption threat, followed by personal data exposure, concluded with file deletion if the criminals demands aren’t met.  Sounds like quite the trifecta.

Stay safe out there…


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  1. with so many ppl making apps , why doesn’t somebody invent one that infects the computer that these cyber criminals use

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