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78% of IT Decision Makers Aren’t Prepared for Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals attack in various ways, and a vast majority of IT departments aren’t ready…

In a study, shared by Healthcare IT News, 94% of IT decision makers reported being aware of the cyber security risks their companies are facing.  However, almost half of them do not have a preventative cyber security plan in place.  Of those who do, only 22% of IT decision makers feel confident with their plan.  Fifty-one percent of those polled, do not have a strategy in place for blackmailing malware, such as ransomware.

This data is worrisome on several different levels.  First, almost all of these decision makers are aware, there is a risk.  But yet almost half are not being proactive with their cyber security plans.  Why?  I can’t answer that, but it is most certainly a question they need to ask themselves.  Of those who do have a plan, over half are lacking confidence in its efficiency.  What are they doing about it?  Are these decision makers unaware of alternative solutions?  We can’t answer that either.  And lastly, over half of IT decision makers do not have a plan for a ransomware attack.  This is concerning.  The FBI projects ransoms paid to ransomware hackers to be $1 billion dollars this year alone.  This number is only increasing.  So why are our IT departments not prepared?  Ransomware is spreading, making the threat greater than ever.  Being prepared and properly securing your data has never been more important.

So what’s the hold up for these IT decision makers?

Perhaps they don’t believe they’ll be the next victim.  Perhaps they are unaware of a better security solution.  Perhaps, they don’t know about PC Matic Pro and its ability to effectively block ransomware attacks with its application whitelisting technology.  Perhaps now is the time to protect yourself against today’s cyber criminals.



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