Avast and AVG Finalize Acquisition

Two of the oldest security software solutions have merged into one…

Avast and AVG made announcements in July of this year stating their plans to merge into one security software company, and as of September 30th the deal was finalized.  But what does this mean for the roughly 400 million Avast and AVG users?

According to Vince Steckler, Avast CEO, the users who are currently using AVG, will continue to do so.  Also, the users implementing Avast, will continue with the Avast technology.  Both products will function under one security engine.

Steckler did not mention plans to merge the brands any time soon, as he reported to The Parallax, “users are already confused”.  Steckler believes many users don’t understand the difference between AVG and Avast, siting a conversation with his own daughter who was unaware the two were previously separate entities.  Steckler stated “confusion doesn’t matter anymore” because no matter which name they use, they’ll be correct.

What are your thoughts on this merger?  Do you think it’s a sign of more acquisitions to come?


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1 thought on “Avast and AVG Finalize Acquisition”

  1. Raymond G Kaping

    Probably dealing with shrinking sales. Not sure about the cost of Avast but I purchased and used AVG anti-virus, maintenance, and driver update programs and it would cost me 10 times what it cost me to secure and maintain 5 computers using PC Matic.

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