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Woodbury County Ransomware Attack Leaves Thousands of Files Compromised

About 3,700 Woodbury County files were compromised in a ransomware attack last month…

Woodbury County, in Iowa, experienced their first ransomware attack in July.  This attack left 3,700 files compromised.  The Sioux City Journal reported the county backs up their files every night, so luckily nothing was lost.  In the report, the form of ransomware that hit the county’s systems was not disclosed.  However, they did share the ransomware attack originated from an email.

Woodbury County, has since hired a forensics team to conduct a data security incident response investigation.  The investigation is expected to help the county specifically identify which files were hit, as well as if there will be any long-term implications.

PC Matic encourages business and home users to be proactive in an attempt to prevent ransomware attacks.  This includes cyber security training, so you’re aware of what these scams look like.  Users also need to ensure their operating systems, applications, and security software are updated.  Lastly, it is encouraged users implement a security software program that utilizes application whitelisting technology.

We have also generated an interactive map that includes all of the ransomware attacks within the United States that have occurred this year.

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