City Hall Paralyzed After Ransomware Attack

Wadena City Hall, located in Minnesota, has been hit with a major ransomware attack, making their computers useless…

According to Wadena Pioneer Journal, a Minnesota City Hall was infected with ransomware, of an unknown variant, in June.  The infection shut down their computers for five days throughout a two week period.  Officials reported the attack corrupted several files that the city will end up having to entirely recreate, and interfered with the ability to post utility bills.  The city has filed an insurance claim for over 10,000 and hired a law firm to ensure no data breaches have occurred.  The city is confident there wasn’t a breach in privacy; however the law firm is going to ensure this is accurate.

For a full list of 2016 ransomware attacks, click here.

We have also generated an interactive map that includes all of the ransomware attacks within the United States that have occurred this year.

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