2015 Bizmatics Breach Impact Still Unknown

Cloud-based medical records vendor, Bizmatics, was breached last year and the impact is still unknown…

Bizmatics was caught in a nasty breach last year.  Unfortunately, not all of the vendor’s clients have disclosed if their records have been affected.  Until this is known, we will not know the true impact of this hack.  Many clients have disclosed their records have been impacted, and it is the hope that other clients will follow suit.  The clients of Bizmatics have a due diligence to inform their patients if their records have been compromised.

PC Pitstop Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, had the follow to say to Health Care Info Security regarding the matter:

“Breach notifications should happen just as soon as the breach has been detected.  This allows the healthcare organization to tighten their own security and be on the lookout for suspicious activities related to their own network. The longer the vendor waits on disclosing the breach, the more damage it can do to the organizations who are associated with them.”

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Update: This story was also published by InfoRiskToday, CareersInfoSecurity, DataBreachToday, GovInfoSecurity.

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