Ransomware Infected Popular Streaming Site

Ransomware infected a popular streaming site, which may have left thousands impacted…

The popular streaming site, Jkanime, was recently infected with malicious banner ads that were redirecting users to Neutrino Exploit Kit which infected users with the CryptoXXX 3.0 ransomware.  According to Threat Post, the website has 33 million users visit on a monthly visit.

Now, let’s do the math — this attack was in effect for two days, and on average the site has roughly one million visitors per day.  If 5% of visitors clicked on the ad, that’s 100,000 infections.

Forcepoint’s senior security researcher, Nicholas Griffin, made the following statement regarding the CryptoXXX infections to Threat Post:

“It is not guaranteed that CryptXXX would have been dropped for every infected user, but that is the primary malware being dropped by Neutrino EK at the present time.”

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