New Malware Stole $4M from US and Canadian Banks – Now Targets Europe

A new malware identified as GozNym is now targeting European banks, after successfully stealing $4 million from U.S. and Canadian financial institutions…

GozNym is a hybrid malware, which combines the stealthy characteristics of Nymaim and the banking Trojan capabilities of Gozi ISFB.  This new malware is enters your PC through clicking on email attachments or links.  It then will sit dormant on your computer until you log into your banker’s website.  Once you do so, GozNym goes to work stealing information and sending it back to the hacker.  As reported by Yahoo Tech, this malware has successfully stolen $4 million dollars from U.S. and Canadian banks, with a majority of the victims being business accounts.

Since its origination earlier this month, GozNym has effectively targeted North America; however they have recently moved their target to Europe, specifically Polish banks.  The amount of funds stolen from the Polish banks are unreported, but according to ZD Net, 17 Polish banks have been targeted.

A lead member of our security team made the following statement to Global Security Magazine regarding this latest malware:

“GozNym’s makers are also strengthening their unidentifiable capabilities by creating false banking websites that are identical to the PC user’s banking website. By doing so, they are able to obtain the user ID and password for the real banking site. The hackers are also creating these false domains on various servers, making the tracking abilities even more difficult. In order to prevent yourself from becoming infected, it is imperative to use real-time malware protection, as well as keep all of your applications up to date. It is also encouraged to uninstall whatever programs you are not actively using.”

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