Ransomware – What Employers Need To Know

What you can do to prepare for ransomware, before it strikes…

As an employer, what do your employees need to get their day-to-day work done?  I would guess their number one asset would be their computer.  Without it, they cannot access the proper files and programs.  So what do you do when that asset becomes hacked, and the files are rendered inaccessible?  Ransomware enters your computers, accesses your files, then encrypts them.  The hacker then demands money, typically in the form of untraceable currency called bitcoins, to decrypt the files.  Without back-ups chances are, you will end up paying the ransom so you can obtain your files again.

Our Vice President of Cybersecurity was cited in SHRM Online regarding the increase in demanded funds for decryption, as well as the importance of frequently backing up your organization’s data.  Read the full article here.

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