Smart Homes Invaded

MIT Media Labs recently conducted a “hackathon” into smart homes, and the results are astonishing…

According to Business Insider, within the first three hours of the MIT Media Lab, 25% of smart home devices were hacked.  Let’s say that again, a little slower this time.  Twenty-five percent.  Has that sunk in?  In only three hours!

On the second day of the lab, the same hackers were asked to try again.  This time, the security solution “Dojo” was implemented.  Dojo is a security program that monitors the WiFi connections and identifies and blocks suspicious activity.  The same devices that were hacked within three hours the day before, were unable to be accessed.

This study shows how vulnerable many of our smart devices are, and the lack of security the manufactures seem to be implementing to keep these smart devices safe.  Fortunately, the only software to secure these devices, Dojo, seems to be doing a sufficient job.

Business Insider reports these types of studies are critical to bring to light the vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).  It is believed in most cases, hackers will use IoT vulnerabilities to gain access to corporate or government databases and networks.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Homes Invaded”

  1. TheOncomingStorm

    lmao i knew this would happen the first time i heard of a “smart home”. it’s inevitable really. the more something relies on technology, the more vulnerable it is to attack. people are getting too lazy and too reliant on gadgets.

  2. If I am setup on a VPN, would you still be able to hack into my home through my modem?? Also, perhaps you know the best VPN service I can use; much appreciated.

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