What Customers Really Think About PC Matic

What Customers Really Think About PC Matic

It is not a rare occurrence for PC Matic customers to share their positive feedback with us on a daily basis.  However, a few of the most recent testimonials posted on our website demand to be shared.




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11 thoughts on “What Customers Really Think About PC Matic”

  1. These frightening commercials reminds us of the twilight zone episode 'To Serve Man' when aliens from outer space have a secret agenda to capture humans as food after showing them the way to patriotic scientific salvation. We don't care if this character Cheng owns the hills and promises gold, he is scary, very scary. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  2. I have used pcmatic for a while with no major problems till now. A near as I can tell pcmatic has pulled my license with no explanation. I cannot log in to my account and the only correspondence that I receive from them is their junk mail. I paid my renewal in August. I have used the http://www.pcmatic.com/help link, no answer. I have asked for a password reset, no answer. I have asked for help from them numerous times with no answer. Is it time to give up?

    1. James-
      Did our customer service team contact you regarding this matter? I forwarded your concerns to this team directly on January 9th, after your first post. Please let me know if this has been resolved.
      Thank you,
      PC Pitstop

    2. @James Armknecht: Thank you Kala for your reply. I received a phone call from Steve Hogan. He explained that PC Matic had sent me several Emails. I do not know why I could not receive them but now that I have changed from Hotmail to a different email service I do receive Email from Pc Matic. Steve reset my password for me and helped get my Pc Matic up and running. I do not know what happened to my password (may be I need Password Matic) but I do think that most of my problems were caused by me when I could not receive Email from customer service and tried to fix it my self. At any rate the point is that Pc Matic and Steve Hogan went the extra mile to make it right. My computers are working just fine with no evidence of malware. I am a very happy and impressed Pc Matic customer.

  3. I am very disappointed. Last week I paid $50.00 for pc-matic, hoping it would increase pc speed, and protect it from virus
    NOW, sense then all kinds of ‘stuff’ has showed up on my computer. ie ‘pcKeeper’, pc ‘antivirus’, ‘McAfee Security.”
    My computer now, runs ‘VERY’ slow. Freezes up, and I can’t even get my e-mail.
    My computer gets pop-ups that will not close.
    I am NOT a happy camper!

      1. @kayla: Yes Kayla I have contacted the http://www.pcmatic.com/help sight to no avail. You see I have been a pcmatic victim for a while now faithfully paying my fee each year. My laptop worked ok but my wife’s laptop has been plagued with popups the entire time. When I tried to get help with that issue the other day pcmatic locked me out on both computers. my password no longer works and you say my license is not valid. It was renewed in August. I have asked for your help numerous times and get nothing!

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