Windows 10 Run Box Alternative

How to use the Explorer address bar as a Run box in Windows 10.–PC Pitstop.

Windows 10 Run Box Alternative

by Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

One among our several one-liner quick tips for Windows, is that you can use the Explorer address bar as a Run box. The Windows File Explorer lets you manage your files and folders. You can navigate it by using the links in the left navigation pane or by typing the folder locations in the address bar.

Use Explorer address bar as Run box

There are several new features in Windows 10 File Explorer. The prominent changes among them include Quick Access instead of Favorites, New tabs Home and Share, Direct access to One Drive. it opens to Quick Access now, and so on.

You may not have done this before, but you can also use its address bar as a Run box. It is quite simple to do it. Now this feature is not something new in Windows 10 – it existed in Windows 8.1 and maybe even in earlier versions

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