4 Reasons to Hate Windows 10

4 things Microsoft must fix about Windows 10.–PC Pitstop.

4 Reasons to Hate Windows 10

By Vamsi Krishna for MakeTechEasier

Windows 8 is considered a great disaster for users and Microsoft alike – yes, even more than Windows Vista. Unlike any other previous Windows version, Microsoft took the user feedback and actually used that feedback to develop the new Windows 10 operating system. As a result, there are many great visual, performance and under-the-hood improvements. I personally like Windows 10, and up until now, I’ve never faced an issue with it. But just like any other operating system, Windows 10 isn’t perfect; it has its own downsides and cavities that bother users from time to time.

Here are a few things that suck in Windows 10, and hopefully Microsoft will take care of them in future updates or builds.

1. Little Control Over Windows Updates

Unlike in the previous versions of Windows, there is very little control over the general Windows updates. If you think there is an unwanted Windows update that you don’t want to install, good luck blocking that update. Sure, I’ve shown you ways to manage Windows 10 updates and hide them using PowerShell, but those are not the most straightforward ways. Moreover, in the previous versions of Windows all the updates are downloaded individually. But starting from Windows 10, Microsoft is delivering Cumulative Updates which simply means that it contains all the previous updates and/or patches.

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60 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Hate Windows 10”

  1. When you try to download a new program into Windows 10 You are usually asked to choose a preferred drive/program name if you do not want the one listed in the new program. Windows 10 uses the traditional C: drive regardless of the drive you want to use. When C: is full you cannot download to an external drive with sufficient capacity to complete the down-load.

  2. I too installed windows 10. It took one day for me to go back to Vista. I hated win 10. games etc that was on my Vista did not download to win 10. No thanks, I will stick to vista that I know best.

  3. Mary Ann Gliddon Hollenbeck Thank you for the info…I appreciate your reply….

    But after installing Win 10 there are a lot of programs that cant run on Win 10. It is a headhache to update to Win 10 and some old programs/company still working for those updates…

  4. I think the windows experts have to keep change thing to keep their jobs. I like not having to fine the corner. They went back to 98. I don’t like not being able to Delete All Button in the emails. Bring it back, PLEASE.

    1. @Eddie:
      As ALWAYS you can just Ctrl and A to highlight everything and press shift and delete to do a hard delete. Is that too complicated for you? As ALWAYS you can press the shift key and scroll to highlight all that you want to delete and then press the delete key. Microsoft issues a very good PDF book for dummies. It’s free I don’t understand why people won’t read the book before posting garbage here.

  5. 1st clean up all the spyware on your pc …… ive used everthing from windows to apple linux and all windows versions at work and at home …. all op sytems has a bump in the road …. its how you handle and keep your pc tuned up …

  6. linux not hard …just use a major release …..xfce desktop very light and is win7 like except a little more convenient. KDE is very windows like…its customisable if you want… Most install now without much user intervention unless you are tech minded and want to. I use OpenSuse for the last 12 years…no virus scanner and never had one…lol just sayin…..not recomending no scanner I just never had a problem. You get to control your updates…..lots of free software…..takes less power……no walled garden like microsoft is devising and apple already has. Apples not a bad machine though…just overcontrolling. Ubuntu Linux seems to be the rage right now and Redhat(US company) has been at it for a long time too. Jussst sayin…

  7. My new HP came with Windows 8.1, which was impossible. After waiting forever, MS finallhy installed W10. I've never felt in control. Is it impossible to go back to W7? I loved it on my old computer.

  8. I’ve had W-10 since day 3 and at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. After a few problems that I eventually worked out I got to like it. Granted it has it ‘s own problems but what Windows OS hasn’t. I’ve worked with every Windows OS since W-95 and the two I hated the worst was W-ME and Vista. W-8 did take some getting used to. I do like W-10 better than W-8.1.

  9. I am a writer–nearly 97–I installed 10 in the hope of something better and no, it is no better. I HATE the word processor and I was hoping it would improve it, but no, it is horrible. I have published 4 books since age 79! I used the word processor and it was great! Then they discontinued support for that and I am stuck. I went back to word perfect to try to get my new book formatted, and now find it is no longer the easy word perfect that it used to be, but 100 times more complicated and I can't use it! It's horrible! I can't stand it. I'm going back to the word and only the Lord knows how I will ever get my book in shape rememberi, I have been using the computer successfully since the days when it was DOS and we had to understand all of that! I am not a dummy. It's simply rotten software

  10. My new laptop came with 8 but i upgraded to 10 so that it would stop spaming me with the free upgrade pop up. I absolutely hated it and so i did a complete restore back to factory and the 8 version. Now my fast computer is extremely slow and firefox is super glitchy. So annoying. I never should have upgraded.

    1. I was liking Win 10 until Office 2010 Started asking for the Product Key. after entering the key, it said it cannot verify. Now what??


  11. I don’t understand why so many people are having all of these problems. I will admit that the installation was NOT seamless, but a few days of tweaking on the things that were problematic took care of my individual issues. I agree with Vamsi that there remain 4 critical areas that NEED to be addressed and SOON! However I find Win10 to be one of the best platforms Microsoft has developed to date. I’m sure there are those who disagree, but that just my opinion based on my own personal experiences with Windows 10 thus far.

  12. If you figure out how to get 7 back let me know. When 10 downloaded to my computer it erased everything to that date. All previous windows and restore points are gone. I hate windows 10. It does not work well on my computer. It freezes all the time and I can't get certain files to open.

    1. @Cathy Tramonto Buccola:
      I have worked with Windows 7 & 8.1 . The New Windows 10 has cleaned house on my desktop,
      I try write a letter or Note and
      the computer stops after each
      3 letter strokes of the keyboard
      I have to reset keyboard. Driving me NUTS and that is only the worst of it.

      1. answer this… why did 10 not include a dectionary of terminolgy ? I am a writer and 7 had a so, so dictionary but at least it was a dictionary. 10 thesaurus is useless and about as informative a 1st graders vocabulary. I type in words I used in grade school and the thesaurus can’t relate. How worthless.

  13. Windows 10 is just another versio of windows designed as a maketing gimmick to make folks think that they will be able to "out gook" all others that have older versions of windows. Windows 10 is nothin more than a different mix of features from prior versuions. I am going to keep windows 7.

  14. How do I delete Windows 10? I don’t like it.; I cannot find my document that I want to print up. Also, when I try to go into my email I get a message that there is a problem starting c:\COMMOM-1\system\

  15. windows 10 works great for me and to rick doty to stop updates its easy
    right click my pc go to mange then services find windows update and disable it

  16. I lost but audio to built in speakers of pc when I down loaded windows 10, earphones work better then with windows7, I am still trying to debug this.

  17. what the hell is the matter with these people that can not seem to grasp windows 10. Great program and I have had no problems at all with it, plus if I want I can run it just like windows XP. some people just have no common sense. I guess the idiots out there just do not like change.

      1. Thank heavens there is one person with brains still out there.
        I was beginning to think that everybody was as stupid as these mindless morons who cannot get on with Windows 10. The only difference between 10 and previous versions is that Microsoft have tried to make it idiot proof. Obviously they didn’t realise just how idiotic some people are. It doesn’t take anybody with an ounce of common sense long to find out how to use Windows 10 however they want.

  18. I can never understand why anybody would take any notice of comments left by people that cannot understand enough of any operating system to make stupid comments that are just not true. In the past I have see people state that Media player is missing from W10, They say that Freecell is no longer included plus many more comments that are certainly not true. If you don’t like Microsoft products then got to Apple or Linux, then you have something to complain about.

  19. Well it took all of 10 seconds for me to discern that my Firefox browser wouldn't work. Maybe it's something in my computer settings but I'm not taking more time than it takes to uninstall Win 10 rather than troubleshooting my whole computer, which is working just fine with Win 7.

  20. I would personally like to echo the sentiments of Mr. Fitzgerald. I originally downloaded and installed Windows 10 on its original release date, but after TRYING to use it and work out the kinks, threw my hands in the air and returned to Win 8.1, which is only slightly better.I wonder how much of a stretch it would be to turn to Linux!

  21. windows 10 did not preserve my solitaire games and my wife’s bridge and hearts games. Why not? Also lost all my contacts. Thanks!

  22. Win 8 and 10 shows BIG ICONS when you go to Star. Icons/Programs are not organized or listed as in Win 7 and that's the No. 1 I HATE WIN 10… I really hate those ICONs that take space from your screen…..I preffer win Vista instead FREE Win 10,,,Or Win 98 Start Menu is better then Win 10

  23. Pitstop is one of only a couple of pc tech stuff I make a habit to read and in many instances — save. You Guys and Gals keep up the great work in telling us what’s really happening in the pc tech world, including MS..which BTW I have refused to download W 10. To much mucking spying and bull. Linix needs a ton of support to help rid the privacy minded get the muck-out of window games and unknown strains

  24. Pitstop is one of only a couple of pc tech stuff I make a habit to read and in many instances — save. You Guys and Gals keep up the great work in telling us what's really happening in the pc tech world, including MS..which BTW I have refused to download W 10. To much mucking spying and bull. Linix needs a ton of support to help rid the privacy minded get the muck-out of window games and unknown strains

  25. How do I stop getting updates to get Windows 10 from downloading to my computer? After reading how much W-10 sucks I do not want it. Windows 7 and 8.1 work for me just fine. I have tried to hide the update, but when I try to download other up dates, Windows 10 starts downloading everry time first

    1. @Rick Doty: To stop the windows 10, open windows update, up in corner look for search updates, search for KB3035583 and uninstall that update. Now if you installed windows 10 and went back to your old system you are s.o.l. it wont work. I had to restore mine to a image backup and then uninstall the KB3035583 update.

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