Change Win10 Edge Browser Font Size

How to change the default font size in the Window 10 Edge browser.–PC Pitstop

Change Win10 Edge Browser Font Size

By Dave Taylor

The Question:Moved over to Windows 10 and so far, so good, but the default typeface size in the Edge browser is just too darn small. How can I make it bigger without making everything else in Win10 bigger too?

Dave’s Answer:

It’s a big project to create a new Web browser but Microsoft did just that with the inclusion of Edge, its new for Windows 10 web browser. Even better, it’s pretty darn well assembled and a really nice improvement from the very tired Internet Explorer. I imagine that Microsoft would probably love to be able to jettison more of its legacy code, but that’s another story entirely!

The weird thing about Microsoft Edge settings is that there are actually three different ‘settings’ you can modify, so the biggest challenge is to figure out which one’s which.

How to Enlarge the Font-Article Continued Here

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1 thought on “Change Win10 Edge Browser Font Size”

  1. Giselle Parrilla

    I have Windows 10, and have been using the Edge Browser with no issues. However something has happened, and now when I type in the edge browser the font is very, very small. The web pages are fine, the issue is with the browser.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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