5 Reasons to Postpone Your Windows 10 Upgrade

5 solid reasons you should stick with Windows 7 or 8 and postpone your upgrade to Windows 10.–PC Pitstop.

5 Reasons to Postpone Your Windows 10 Upgrade

By Christopher Harper for MakeTechEasier

1. Legacy Programs and Features being dropped

Windows 10 seems to be Microsoft’s attempt to streamline Windows and unify its desktop users onto one operating system. Perhaps as part of this goal, a great number of applications and features that have been part of Windows for many years have been either greatly changed or outright removed.

In terms of features, integrated DVD playback (from Windows Media Center) and desktop gadgets (from 7) are being removed. DVD playback on Windows 10 can be restored in the form of “Windows DVD Player” on the App Store, but if you didn’t previously have it on Windows 7 or 8, you’ll need to pay $15 for it. Plus, the free download for upgraders using Windows Media Center is time-limited, though Microsoft hasn’t yet said when they’ll start charging everyone for Windows DVD Player. Fortunately, alternative players like VLC still exist on the market, which are just fine for playing DVDs on Windows 10.

Desktop gadgets integrated into the OS, however, are completely dead. For similar functionality, consider looking into Rainmeter or other solutions.

Windows Media Center, mentioned earlier, has been completely removed. With it, you lose many of the features it offered. Windows Media Center wasn’t particularly popular, but it could be used to browse PC’s media and integrate them with TV tuners and DVRs, which made it great for home theater and entertainment center setups.

2. Being charged for dropped Features

Have you ever wanted to play Solitaire and Minesweeper on Windows, except you have to reach out, download it yourself, and play what was previously a completely free game full of video advertisements?

Because if that’s what you look for in Minesweeper, then Microsoft definitely has you covered here. If you’d like to remove these obnoxious advertisements, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of $10 a year to enjoy what was previously integrated into your operating system at no extra cost, with no advertisements, as it was originally intended.

You may be thinking, so they want to make more money off Windows and they dropped some features. Big deal. What else did they do?

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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Postpone Your Windows 10 Upgrade”

  1. I have a Win 10 machine. Quad core with tons of memory and a fairly decent video card.
    It has been a blue screening nightmare from the start.
    I have freshly loaded it four times now.
    Runs for awhile then their new browser crashes with a kernal error.
    I am leaving my rock steady Win 7 machine as she is.
    I am writing from her now (no blue in sight).

  2. ok people's this where are now with the hating on Win 10 ok i get it there are a lot of problems with win 10 no big deal, just as we had problems with xp and win 7 when they first come out, come on peoples give it a chance with your comments on win 10 I am sure these problem has alright reach the table of Mircosoft in time this will be the best windows on the market, stop your crying no one pefect that includes Apple

  3. I upgraded to 10 from 7 (64 bit) with a load of old legacy graphics software and couldn't be happier. I like 10 and it's an improvement. One nice feature that presented itself today: I had the wording for an ad as a RTF file on Dropbox. I had it selected and it was in Win 10 "preview" mode while we discussed the wording over the phone. The guy on the phone was editing live on DB and when he saved the changes I got a little chime, a blink and the preview changed to his new version. Very handy. Anothe nice feature is "Task View". When you have a slew of windows open it helps manage things. Upgrade went flawlessly. One bad thing is my stock ticker is weird but I can reload that. Everythng else is peachy.

  4. hmm, further reasons why i'm sticking with win 7. especialy with how they download software to your system without your control and restrict access to what THEY think to be "pirated software" and non-proprietary hardware. then they're making you pay yearly fees to keep things?! i knew they were gonna be gouging people for money with this.

    sad part is, i bet we havn't even seen the worst of it yet. especially since there's the clause in the eula that states any part of it can be changed at any time with or without notice. they could start charging you $50 or more a year or "sorry, you don't get your updates"….or something worse. by "upgrading" to win 10, you're plugging your machine into the cyber-controller for it to do what it wishes.

  5. it shouldn't have crashed the system in the FIRST place. if micro$oft had their s–t together and beta tested it better, system crashes wouldn't be a problem. they're not supposed to happen and if things are done right, they WON'T happen. at least not because of an os bug. your argument is crap.

  6. My neighbor upgraded to Windows 10 and hatest so much he wish he would have never upgraded. I've heard this from several other people. I'm thinking of just staying with Windows 8.1 and partition my hard drive with Linux Ubuntu. I had before and loved it. Linux is non BS and I can switch between operating systems.

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