Forcing a Windows 10 System Update

How to find and force a Windows 10 system update.–PC Pitstop

Forcing a Windows 10 System Update

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I know how to check for and push a system update in Windows 7, but how do I accomplish that in Win10? I hear that there’s a system update that’s a must-apply…

Dave’s Answer:

Windows 10 has been in the wild for about a week and already Microsoft’s pushing out an update for everyone, whether you were part of the beta / early release program, are a developer or are just a regular user like we are at Ask Dave Taylor. Problem is, this particular update, identified as KB3081424, also might have a glitch that’s causing some users to get into an endless restart cycle. Yikes.

The smart solution is to check to see if there’s an update, but then also do a quick search for the update ID and see if there are any warnings about it before you opt to proceed. Or just do it, as we did, without any issues whatsoever.


To start, as with everything, do a search for a key word or phrase. In this case, “update”:

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