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Finding Freeware

The PC Pitstop freeware library is not the only place to find great free software.–PC Pitstop.

Finding Freeware

By Paul Ferson for MakeTechEasier

When software is updated, changes generally come in the form of upgrades. Web browsers can be pared back to save milliseconds, word processors can introduce a new file format that boasts smaller file sizes, and media players may gain integration with other services.

Such upgrades are typically welcomed, although it does not disguise the fact software development is highly involved work that is not always profitable. Thus, developers may choose to monetize their work – and understandably so!

There are several websites chronicling the development of various programs and their last freeware versions. Naturally, if you intend to use a specific program repeatedly, we would encourage you to show the developers your support by purchasing the latest version – it could have some great new features!

Of course, there are also products which have remained freeware since their launch, and these options are worth your time as well.

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