How to Completely Remove Antivirus Software

Before you move on to a new antivirus solution – make sure your current antivirus software is completely removed.–PC Pitstop.

How to Completely Remove Antivirus Software

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

An antivirus program is not something we tend to change very often but, when we do, it’s important to make sure the existing antivirus software is completely removed from the system. This is not always easy to achieve as antivirus programs tend to add components deep into the system in order to provide the sort of protection necessary.

Simply removing antivirus software via Control Panel>Programs and Features is almost certain to leave remnants behind which can, and often do, interfere or conflict with installation and/or running of the replacement antivirus. Fortunately, antivirus vendors recognize this situation and most provide uninstallation tools that will remove all traces of their products from the system; including files, registry items, profiles and any other settings or options.

Here is a list of official removal tool downloads for a number of popular antivirus products:

Official Antivirus Removal Tools:

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