7 Security Features of New Edge Browser

The new browser included with Windows 10 promises 7 new security features.–PC Pitstop.

7 Security Features of New Edge Browser

by The Windows Club

Security features in Edge browser

There cannot be a comprehensive list of threats one can face on the Internet. There are malicious adverts waiting to pounce on browsers, there are innocent websites with malicious codes that download when you open the sites, there are hackers on the prowl who want to get hold of your browser and thereby your computer network and then there are phishing websites! A good browser should be capable of protecting you and your data from these and other kinds of threats.

Among the most vulnerable are JavaScript and ActiveX controls for rendering dynamic content on websites. As much as they are a boon to web developers, they are a curse to browsers as they cannot identify between malicious codes and genuine codes.

In addition, the extensions used on browsers have nominal safety standards as they do not have to undergo vigorous testing as other software do. These extensions may act as a small hole that can be used to compromise your browser and thereby, your whole computer network.

Microsoft Edge promises better security over the Internet Explorer and over other browsers in the market.

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