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Forgot Your Windows 8 PIN

If you forget your Windows 8 PIN – don’t worry. The solution is simple.–PC Pitstop

Forgot Your Windows 8 PIN

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I set up a four digit PIN on my Windows 8 tablet to make it quick and easy for me to log in without my more complicated Microsoft Live password. But now the PIN isn’t working. How do I get in?

Dave’s Answer:

The whole PIN number way to enter is darn handy, actually, almost as good as having your PC scan your fingerprint in terms of both offering security and making it easy for you to log in to your tablet or computer quickly and easily. Thing of it is, like anything else, if you forget it, you’ve got a problem.

And before anyone judges you, I have to admit that I once set up my iPhone with a 4-digit PIN and then promptly forgot the code, which was a major problem that took me a few days to remedy: turns out that when your iPhone is locked out and you don’t know the security code? You can’t even reset or restore it.

But that’s another story. On Windows 8 it’s a lot less drama, a lot less work.

First off, here’s what you’re seeing: – Article Continued Here

This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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