Is Upgrading Your PC the Answer?

Has your PC reached the point of no return? Key questions to ask before taking the upgrade plunge.–PC Pitstop.

Is Upgrading Your PC the Answer?

by Marc Thomas for Daves Computer Tips


I think it’s fair to say that the PC above has reached the end of its useful lifespan and should perhaps be put out to grass or maybe just terminated. Believe me, I’ve had PC’s come into the shop, not quite but very near this kind of condition, where the owner has insisted that I breath new life into his beloved machine as if it’s become some kind of family heirloom to be propped up in a glass case in the corner of the living room. When someone clearly can only just afford to repair a PC, it pays to err on the side of caution and do the best job you can, fully aware of the fact that a time will come when the ends don’t justify the means.

Taking the leap

Upgrading your PC is driven by several factors including what you use your PC for and how deep your pockets are. On the other hand, many people are dumping their creaking old Pentium 4‘s for a single laptop or a tablet or both. In fact I have a PC here in the shop which belongs to a pensioner whose son bought her a shiny new laptop which completely replaces her PC and she wouldn’t go back. That’s not isolated either and I’ve sold a bucket load of similar hardware for customers, who have effectively ‘downsized’ but moved upscale technologically wise.

We all use our PC’s in different ways, however if you’re simply using the Web, editing documents and keeping in touch with family and friends, even the once mighty Pentium 4 is going to creak a little as it’s limited to memory size and frankly a single core CPU is hard pressed to cope with multitasking in today’s software.

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