PC Pitstop Cited for Security Help

PC Pitstop Cited for Security Help

Security company Heimdal recently cited PC Pitstop in a list of the top 32 Go-To Security Forums for Free Malware Removal Help.


Where do you find help when your system is affected by malware?

We know what you think: This can’t happen to me.

Don’t be so sure, especially today when advanced data stealing malware remains hidden on a system for months retrieving sensitive information and we only find out about it when it’s already too late.

Will you try to disinfect the system by yourself, ask help from a friend, call a specialized company that deals with malware or maybe address the issue on a security forum where many others encountered your problem and already found a solution?

We think the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to solve your malware issue is on a security forum. But with so many of them out there, which one should you choose?

We have organized a list of security/ malware forums below, places where you can find professional insight and assistance when you’re in trouble.

The security forums from this list can help you on a variety of topics, from best practices, how-to articles to security news and friendly advice.

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6 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Cited for Security Help”

  1. Tim LaFramboisde

    Same with me I have more probems now than I ever dreamed of. At least the people with and Indian accent fixed my problems and were very polite.

  2. Tim LaFramboisde

    Same for me, I paid 150.00 for supposed best thing on the maket and I now have more problems than ever. What is going on?

  3. I NEED help and PCPitstop won’t provide any. I have an on-going problem and cannot find a solution anywhere. If I can’t get PCPitstop to run correctly than why should I keep it? I NEED help. Can anyone from PCPitstop hear me?

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