Sharing Cyber Security Info with the Feds?

Sharing Cyber Security Info with the Feds?

President Obama has issued a call for the open exchange of cyber threat information. John Dodge at Enterprise CIO Forum leads a related discussion.

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

President Obama made an impassioned plea at the Feb. 13 Cyber Security Summit for the private sector and the federal government to exchange cyber threat information. The idea is simple: teaming up is better than separately waging the war against cyber terrorism, spying and crime.

This is such an important topic given increasing levels and sophistication of cyber crime, we will address it in our weekly #CIOchat Twitter from 2-3 p.m ET on Thursday. Our question will be: “Do you think private enterprises sharing cyber threat information with the federal government is a good idea?”

Also, if you wish to elaborate beyond 140 characters, take a swipe at our CIO Question where you can go on at length.

Here’s the case Obama makes in his speech: | Article continued here.

Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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1 thought on “Sharing Cyber Security Info with the Feds?”

  1. Congress (if you can get them to work) has to set up some kind of rules, regulations and/or laws to establish how this can be done.

    Only information that is vital to security should be collected by the NSA. No information collected by the NSA should be shared with ANY other Fed agency including the FBI and IRS. That means that if the NSA while collecting data, finds a hidden bank account somewhere they cannot pass it on to the IRS. If the NSA discovers someone pirating a movie or such they cannot pass it on to the FBI.

    Conversely if the FBI or IRS etc. discover information that threatens security that information MUST be forwarded to the NSA.

    The rules or whatever must also establish severe penalties for violations. The penalties would be fines and/or imprisonment for the individual that breaks the rule and not the department or agency the person works for. What good would it be to fine the NSA? It’s not their money that would be paid.

    As it stands right now, I don’t trust any of our government agencies.

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