PC Matic FAQs

PC Matic FAQs

Questions from PC Matic customers – recently answered by The PC Matic Support Team.

Q: Does PC Matic turn Windows Defender off? | Can I run Win Defender and PC Matic simultaneously?

A: No, PC Matic does not turn off Windows Defender. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, Windows itself may disable Windows Defender if a Microsoft-certified antivirus product such as SuperShield is detected.

While there is no conflict between PC Matic and Windows Defender, activating the SuperShield real time antivirus is another matter. Our recommendation is to not run two real time agents at the same time as that can cause conflicts, slowdowns, etc.



Q: Why is my PCmatic supershield icon in task bar red?

A: Left click once on the red shield, launch PC Matic, left click on Super Shield. At the bottom of the page, left click the green shield labeled “protected”, click “disable” then click “enable”. The Super Shield should show green in the tray now.

If you hover the mouse cursor over the red shield it should display a message as to why it is red.



Q: Why is the PC Matic scan running slow?

A: Open PC Matic and click on Options>Scan Options and verify that the Quick/Full Malware Scan option is set to Quick. Quick will find 96+% of the malware on the computer. A full scan will scan every file on the computer and can literally take hours. Full scans do not need to be run every time.


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23 thoughts on “PC Matic FAQs”

  1. I have pcmatic on my laptop and desktop.
    I damaged the screen on my laptop and picked up another display. I’m using a midi cable for a connection.
    For some reason I can’t run pcmatic on my laptop. Also, I can’t run powershell.
    Please help.

  2. We are having the same issue as described by one of the users above with our PC. When the PC Matic icon is launched to manually run a scan, the pc Matic screen is white and blank. Then subsequently, a blue microsoft windows error screen appears and the computer shuts down and restarts. Can you help?

  3. Im trying to run PC Matic, it starts to load then the window turns white then nothing happens. Just a few days ago I tried to run a scan and it ran for probably an hour then PC Matic just froze up. I tried restarting computer and now I have been getting the Blue screen that say my computer need to gather info then I can restart. (ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC)

    1. Michael, it looks like you’re already in touch with our support team. If the instructions that Vince sent to you do not solve the issue, please so let him know and the team will continue to diagnose the issue! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. My old PC died and I want to move my protection from my old unit to my new PC, how do I move my PC matic from my old PC to my new one?

  5. I installed Windows 8.1 to my windows 8 laptop. I am now locked out as administrator and cannot download any software or make any changes to the computer. PC Matic no longer launches. Please can you help? Thanks.

  6. My comp has somehow collected an add-on that is ruining my ability to browse the internet. Unless I go online Internet Explorer with add-ons disabled, found under Accessories/System Tools, I cannot even read an article without being bombarded with pop=ups. Why isn't PC Matic catching and removing this? How do I get rid of it?

  7. 2 of my pcs were updated to Windows 8.1 and in the process have new computer names. The PC Matic now wants me to update the licenses. How can I delete the two old names?

  8. You can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display and pause the protection for ten minutes, one hour, or leave it off until the next reboot, or you can set the Protection Level to Industry Standard (Blacklist only) to turn off Super Shield and just leave the Real Time protection running, or you can select SuperShield Protection, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced), open the program in question again, and when the SuperShield blocking screen appears, add the programs to your local white list by clicking on the red “Always Allow” button, provided that you know for sure that these are legitimate programs, or add them to the local black list by clicking on the green “Always Block” button to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable.

  9. sidonie b. graves

    I really want to know why I can’t get pc matic to run on my computer — whenever I hit on the icon it asks me if i want to buy — I have a subscription for a year — i bought ity in the fall –I can’t get anything done — and I can’t get any information about what is happening with my computer — it is driving my crazy — please help —

    1. @sidonie b. graves:

      If you haven’t done so already, download a copy of the PC Matic program from here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/get.asp?prd=pcmatic&aff=0002

      Use the ‘open’ or ‘run’ button to download and install PC Matic on your computer. (If you use the ‘save’ button, doubleclick the file you downloaded to start the installer.) If you have already downloaded or have the free version installed, there’s no need for another download. If the program is already installed, go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>PC Matic> and click on PC Matic to launch the program. If you are not automatically logged in, once PC Matic opens, click the gray ‘Login’ button in the lower left corner of the first screen and enter your email address [email protected] and the password linked to that email address to login to PC Matic, then follow the steps to let it scan your computer. If you need a password lookup, you can do that from here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/email_my_password.asp?

      When the scan is finished, click on the ‘Save’ button at the User Input screen, if necessary.

      At the next screen, click the ‘Fix All’ gear icon in the lower right. PC Matic will then make the changes to your computer. The FAQ’s here will give you some more details on what PC Matic does: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/pcmatic.asp

      If there are any problems or you don’t like the changes, open the program again then click the ‘Options’ button, and the ‘restore settings’ tab. Select a date, the click on the ‘Restore’ button to run the program again to undo the changes.

      In order for your computer to receive the full benefits of PC Matic’s functions, we recommend that you run a scan/clean on your computer weekly.

      For the best way to make sure your computer is scanning and cleaning weekly, we recommend setting up a scheduled scan. You can follow the instructions below to set up a scheduled scan.

      To access the PC Matic scheduler, from the My PC’s screen in PC Matic, click on the link under or by ‘Next Test’ to the right of the computer name that you want to schedule. If this is the first time, it will read as ‘None Scheduled’. You can also run a scan and clean and there is an option in the upper right corner to set a schedule from the screen with the summary of fixes.

      If the scan fails to start or complete, PC Matic will send an email saying it was missed.

      You can click the link below to access some helpful videos about how to use PC Matic:


      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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