Free Upgrades to Windows 10

Free Upgrades to Windows 10

Today, Microsoft announced plans to offer free upgrades to the new Windows 10 OS for those running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event is just getting started, and it sounds like the company is eager to make it as easy and cheap as possible for those running older versions of Windows to upgrade. Terry Myerson just announced on stage that, for the first year after Windows 10 launches, any device running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to upgrade to the latest version of MIcrosoft’s OS — for free. How exactly this program will work isn’t clear just yet — it’ll certainly be subject to some hardware requirements, particularly for older machines running Windows 7. But a simplified upgrade path will likely do a lot to help Windows 10 adoption — rather than dealing with a number of different versions of Windows and different upgrade costs, most consumers will simply take this free update and enjoy running Microsoft’s latest.

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26 thoughts on “Free Upgrades to Windows 10”

  1. there is a big difference between a browser and an operating system. currently I run 8.1 windows but use the maxthon browser microsoft is here to make money one way or another

  2. the oncoming storm

    i’m really freakin wary of this business. an os, for FREE?! especially when they were charging around $200 for 8? it makes me wonder if they’re gonna force you to rent it yearly like some antivirus programs do or pay for updates and dlc or some shite. for them to just hand out an os screams something is wrong here and i DON’T trust it.

  3. What are the advantages of going to Win 10? I can see that support from Microsoft would probably go on longer, but why should I change?

    Also, said above, what programs am I likely to have to buy to replace ones that won’t work with Win 10?

  4. Going back a year or two, all they had to do was to improve XP a little and we would happily have paid for it. 8.1 was written with changes that make it longer to get anywhere and more difficult to find anything presumably just to justify the charge. All most of us need is simple efficiency and I for one would pay for that. Example – one click in XP to save a document takes me three clicks in 8.1 – why? Is this an improvement? My day is extended unnecessarily and I had to pay for the privilege. Win 10 had better allow smarter working before we all walk. I don't want or need all that Cloud rubbish so give me an easy way to dump it (sorry CIA and GCHQ but I have nothing that you would want). I want MY information saved on MY computer easily, properly and in the briefest possible time so I can enjoy my life and not become a slave to my computer and Windows.

      1. @Al Needham: I agree with you. I run 7 pro at work, 7 pro and 8.1 at home. If I have to choose … 7 has the most easiest productive way. … XP?? it has been so long ago that I worked on XP, just can’t remember. Doing anything on 8.1 is just an absolute nightmare!! I hope 10 will be more like 7 rather than 8.1

    1. As far as the 3 clicks in 8.1 as apposed to 1 in XP….
      XP had the extra clicks as well but it was easier to opt out from it. 8.1 may have rhe opt out as well but I haven’t found it yet. The extra clicks were to help prevent accidental or unintended installations. XP would add a checkbox to “not show this again” if you trusted yourself that well.

  5. Kathleen Dombrowski

    I believe the discussion is about OS 10 not a Browser, please note the difference. I am currently running OS 10 on a test device and so far so good, once the kinks are ironed out it should be a very stable system.

  6. The new I.E. 11 browser left some shocks to users of earlier version.
    Many used features in the task bar have disappeared. The "Favorites" is now 'hidden' in the star next to the tools. The "Find on this Page" is 'hidden' under 'edit'.
    You *CAN* get the old style 'File Edit View Favorites Tools Help" back by right clicking your mouse in the 'tool bar' area.
    There's a few other Gotcha's that really need to be documented more prominently

  7. I’m hearing two different interpretations of the Windows 10 free offer. One, it’s free to all Win7 & Win8.1 users for an upgrade. Two, it’s free for a year, then will cost you to extend it each year. Is anyone positively sure of what the truth is?

    1. @William Bailey: What you write makes sense.
      How else will MS guarantee an income stream for a service, except to force people to rent/lease the software year-by-year, which will include maintenance?
      Give away the razor, charge for the blades.

  8. My question is – will all the programs I run now in Windows 7 Professional work in the new Windows 10 ?

    If not I will not take advantage of Microsoft’s free offer to upgrade to Win 10 !

    1. there is nothing FREE in life.
      Anything you accept as free is going to cost you something, either in money,pain,personal freedom, etc..
      Those that read history of human behavior, understand the process, those that have not, will pay a price.

  9. I have windows vista. Will I be able to go directly to windows 10 when available or do I have to go to one of the earlier upgrades such as widows 8 first?

  10. Big Brother, via MS is gonna offer something for free?
    Are my fellow citizens so stupid as to not realize what that is?
    Why not just hook up directly to a government machine instead of making them work a little to watch what your doing?
    Children, having lived through the great depression & political liars from roosevelt thru obama. On your watch kids, you are going to be the one’s who kill-off the best society human’s ever created.

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