Whats Up with Windows 10

How will Windows 10 function and how it fits into Microsoft’s overall strategy.
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Whats Up with Windows 10

By Windows Guides

In this guest post, Abby Perkins from Software Providers shares her insight into what’s coming with Windows 10 and how it will function for users of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Microsoft is a large company (the sixth biggest in the world by market cap), and its customer base reflects the company’s size. Unlike Apple’s customers, Microsoft’s tend to display less brand loyalty across products. The product that unifies all of Microsoft is the Windows operating system. Microsoft’s challenge with the upcoming release of Windows 10 is holding its large family of customers together. Here is how the tech giant plans on meeting everyone’s demands.

One operating system for all devices
Windows 10 will be designed to run on all devices. Microsoft believes its operating system is simple enough to run on the most basic smartphone yet sophisticated enough to keep businesses’ most demanding servers running smoothly. It has also designed the newest version of Windows to run on every size screen, from 4 inches to 80 inches.

Mobile device management for all
Many businesses already use mobile device management (MDM) to manage all portable devices used for work. Most MDM systems are specifically designed for mobile, however. There are not many smooth ways to move from a desktop computer or server to a smartphone. Windows 10 will change that—Microsoft is expanding MDM to all windows-based devices, including the immobile ones. Mobile is not just for mobile anymore!


This excerpt appears with the permission of Windows Guides.

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9 thoughts on “Whats Up with Windows 10”

    1. Google Chrome is a great browser to use, it happens to be my favorite as well! Everyone has their own preference so you can try others to see if you like them if you want to!

  1. I am told that Windows 10 will be free to download, for those of us with Windows 8.1 and 7, but that it will eventually become a subscription product, which we all will have to pay monthly. Has anyone any intel on that?

  2. Derick Bartelings

    As I am testing Windows 10 on an old duo core laptop, it is a LOT better than 8 was. Like the differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Which was like windows Vista Revisited.)

  3. Gary Stanullwich

    There’s no mention of how much the subscription rate will be. Being Microsoft is going to do this on a subscription basis.

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