When Windows Explorer Crashes

Why does Windows Explorer keep crashing and how to troubleshoot.–PC Pitstop.

When Windows Explorer Crashes

By Leo Notenboom

Windows Explorer is the workhorse behind the Windows user interface. In many ways it *is* Windows. I’ll cover what to look for when it crashes.

Windows Explorer (also known as File Explorer in Windows 8 and later) is a very special program. In many ways, it “is Windows”, in that Windows Explorer is actually the program that’s responsible for displaying the task bar, the Start menu, the task-switcher, and a fair amount more.

Oh, and it’s also the program that you can use to browse around your hard disk to look at files and folders.

It’s definitely completely unrelated to Internet Explorer, but there is one characteristic that they share that can cause the kinds of problems you’re seeing.

They can both be extended.

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1 thought on “When Windows Explorer Crashes”

  1. what about internet explorer, I have a Trojan using int expl and is running several files that I can’t stop. when looking at the task manager, applications. there will be 5 to 9 of these files running shortly after I boot up. in the prossess, there are so many dll files with a con surrogate description. then I get a warning about CPU usage and I haven’t even started any of my programs.

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