FileHippo Downloads Delivered with Adware

Software from the popular download site FileHippo – is now delivered with adware.
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FileHippo Downloads Delivered with Adware

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

It appears yet another once trusted source for downloads has succumbed to the dark side. FileHippo has decided to join the ranks of CNET and others, and is now offering software downloads via its own Download Manager, which includes adware offers.

This story first came to light a couple of months ago but until now I’ve not seen any firsthand indication that FileHippo had actually implemented the new system. I’ve been checking the site every few days or so with no sign of any changes. Then, yesterday, I came across numerous downloads on FileHippo involving the Download Manager… or, more accurately, adware wrapper.

Not all downloads on FileHippo are associated with the Download Manager as yet, but there are enough now to warrant a warning, and I suspect implementation might be ongoing. I hasten to add that FileHippo does provide an alternate ‘Direct Download’ link which bypasses their Download Manager and, of course, its 3rd party offerings:


While the Direct Download link is a welcome option, I can’t help wondering how long it may last. If the existing implementation does not produce the desired effect – obviously an increase in revenue – how long before FileHippo decides to drop the Direct Download option altogether?

Besides, users still need to be aware that clicking on the big green Download button is no longer guaranteed to download the desired software directly. In those instances marked with the “Download Manager Enabled” message, only FileHippo’s adware enabled Download Manager will be initially downloaded.

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