The World Didn’t End With XP

Microsoft killed support for Windows XP and we are all still standing.–PC Pitstop.

The World Didn’t End With XP

By Leo Notenboom

Hey! The World Didn’t End!

I reflect a little on the sudden realization that Windows XP’s end-of-support date came and went and … nothing happened.

As I was writing this week’s article about whether or not unsupported software presents a security risk, something dawned on me.

Windows XP’s end-of-support date came and went. (It was back in April).

And nothing happened.

Imagine that!

Dire predictions

Of course, prior to the deadline there were all sorts of dire warnings that The End was near. The speculation (clearly in hindsight, pure speculation) was that hackers were saving up known exploits to unleash on the world shortly after the deadline passed. Heck, there was even a conspiracy theory that Microsoft was holding on to fixes until after the deadline to leave XP even more vulnerable. Havoc would ensue.

Havoc did not ensue.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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41 thoughts on “The World Didn’t End With XP”

  1. Billie JackFu Good point. It's a dead OS, so why bother. Too many people have said that programs they use won't even run on Win8. And unless you're blind, they're tons of people that have used it for months and still went back. Having to use third party programs and registery hacks to get it to work like win7 proves it's garbage. It was meant for a touchscreen, not a mouse. Even more say they like WinXP best. All of this "we have to move forward because some company has determined what we want" is the real garbage. Honestly how many people have a need for three monitors anyway. That's just stupid.

  2. Anyone who can post to this thread that can't afford W7 or $40 for W8 when it came out has no credibility and should not comment.

  3. I had XP and had no problems with it. However, with the “scare about XP” no longer being supported…I had Windows 7 installed and my XP deleted. What a nightmare!!! I had pop ups and blue screens and all kinds of problems. So! I bought a new computer with Windows 7 on it and also installed PC matic. So far, so good. Nonetheless, I wasted a lot of money by reacting to the “XP Scare.” Which I knew what I know now.


  5. Melissa Anderson Thanks for the info. My son has also turned off updates from Microsoft and has not had any problems. Makes you wonder if Microsoft intentionally has updates that mess up your computer, so you will buy recovery disk from them. I have heard some people say that some of the antivirus manufactures may create the viruses so you will buy their software. Would not surprise me if that is true.

  6. Billie JackFu…don't criticize Scott since you're in the MINORITY! Who cares as to how many IT degrees you have or how many monitors you use? Don Hodges nailed it…with his 30 years experience. I have that same time in grade! You have your opinion…that's fine! Unfortunately, you're still in a minority! Windows 7 is OK & if you're so inclined, is a good O/S…just like Win XP is a (better than) good O/S! 95% of the XP users never needed to change (why fix it if it ain't broken?)! The only problem that will occur is when the peripheral manufacturers (printers, etc.) will no longer offer XP drivers (current printers crap out much faster than computers!). Otherwise (and for the majority of users) there's nothing wrong with using old XP compatible software that does what ya' want it to do!!! Over the years, you 'learned' how to use it…it works for you! Do ya' really need more worthless 'bells & whistles' and re-learn a new version? Seniors don't need that exercise…give 'em credit for coming that far in having the ability to absorb the IT technology with XP & associated programs! Eh…they're retired from whatever occupation they worked hard at…now they need to devote a bunch of time keeping up with new versions they really don't need? I DON'T THINK SO!

    All the hoopla with the 'demise' of XP support was just that…hoopla, smoke & mirrors (as Don said)! If anyone actually believes the crap that Microsoft promulgates, then shame on them! They are the 'sheep' that MS loves to prey upon.

  7. Scott S. Powell I've never used updates on my Windows PCs. I ran a laptop with XP, still run a desktop with Vista, and a desktop with Win. 7 Home Premium. I've left updates off for at least the last five years, with no noticeable problems. I didn't even install the service packs for Vista. I did the service packs manually on XP and 7, though.

    Nothing at all has happened to me. In fact, I have a family member who was having issues with a Win. 7 machine. I had them turn off their updates, and the difference was night and day. Two years later, she still has updates off.

  8. Furthermore I use 3 monitors and it supports 3 taskbars with clocks on any of the 3 monitors straight out of the box. There is probably nothing I can do to convince you otherwise, been working on PCs since 2001; been a Microsoft IT Pro since 2004; I've had every OS since Windows 98SE because well I'm 37 still pretty young. I have a degree in IT and I'll probably stick with 8.1 because Microsoft likes to do things in Extremes, "oh public thinks we messed up with 8, so lets make 9 and revert back to the old way".

  9. Scott S. Powell Most retarded comment ever, Windows 8.1 is the most stable, performance enhanced and most secure OS besides Linux. Windows 8 is crap, I will admit, but Windows 8.1 is fantastic. Forget the Metro Desktop (I run it in desktop mode and only use metro for rarely used programs). Windows 7 actually has a lot of flaws, something I picked up on after actually trying and loving 8.1. Don't knock something until you actually have an in depth experience. Also you may get Classic Shell which removes metro and lets you actually utilize a menu; however after using 8.1 without any 3rd party apps you might not be able to use the menu anymore, it's so bulky. Good luck with 7.

  10. At home I use “Linux Lite”. Was very easy to install, runs very fast on the older hardware, too, and very easy to use. For anyone that feels a NEED to leave “DOS”, seriously consider trying “Linux Lite” (32 bit or 64 bit). Big difference. I’ve rebuilt computers for people that cannot afford new ones and installed “Linux Lite”, and they’ve been very happy with it. It comes with “OpenOffice” (completely compatible with MSoffice – free) & “Mozilla/FireFox” (yes you Chromies can install Google Chrome, too). Best of ALL, it’s immune to Viruses …..

  11. To hell with MS. Hate Win 8.1.64 bit I keep a laptop and a Desktop PC on XP on which I use programs I created in 16 bit 30 years ago and disconnected Internet from them.

  12. If I had read an article such as this when Windows 8 came along, I would have kept XP. I'm definitely in the senior citizen range (79) and I was quite comfortable with XP. Windows 8 is another story. I'm too old for the aggravation. Let me have my XP back and leave me alone.

    1. @Jacquelyn Currie: Oh!!! how I wish I had kept windows XP. I started with W95 moved on to W98SE. I was then frightened out of XP by the crazy gang who told me ALL about the terrible things that would happen to me if I did not go to W7, I did and heartily regret that decision. It gave me a lesson, which was “Do not listen to your youngers and betters, they do not have a clue.”

  13. i have both window 7 on one computer and XP on the other and I keep going to my XP when I want to get anything done fast.

  14. I beg to differ. My Windows XP is more vulnerable to attack from hackers now that Microsoft no longer supports XP. It hasn’t been hacked yet, but it’s still a possibility and there wouldn’t be as much of a risk if MS were still supporting it. The large corporate users, banks, etc. still using XP have a much greater reliance on it and it must be rough going for them. Why don’t you write an article from our point of view as users, rather than Microsoft’s point of view as the software vendor?

  15. Here here, is the new OS really better or just another patch. XP works fine . I’m sure MS just puts extra code in the new OS so new software has to use it. The base engine seems very similar. Seems lot of MS program’s and code has be aquired from corporate take overs or just pilfered someone else’s look & feel. Leave the dark side convert to ios and give MS the old heave ho.

  16. I installed a new copy of XP about 1 month ago.
    I wnted to update Microsoft programs. They told me to buy a new computer ! I told them what I thought of their arrogance. All is well as you can see.
    If you are not using CCleaner, then you really should. Best small program I have ever seen.

    1. @Cyril Randle: cheers, and kudos to cindy.i`ve been running xp for better than 10 years. in my humble opinion, it is, was, and always will be, the absolute best os micro soft ever produced. i also told them it was to bad all they have on ther minds, is dumping it.shows how much they think about thier customers. then i said ” thanks for nothing, but i am sticking with the oe i kno0w, and like the best. pf matic made it a lot easier though.

  17. XP is the last operating system that makes any
    sense. I ignore anything that does not operate with me XP. Wise up Microsoft and hear the people.

  18. Why I still use XP? It takes a lot of time to know really a well an OS like win XP. If I change, I have to get accustomed once more and that is annoying.
    Anywa, accept some details, I don’t see why to spend money every 3 years for a new system just to see that it is another trial of MS which is worse then the last time. Also, although some things are better in windows 7 this is not worth the money to pay for a new OS. Often they are just adding one detail there and another one somewhere else, this will never become a complete good program. Windows XP – at least in my case – works wonderful. Even though I am forced to use win 7 at the office I wouldn’t do this to me at home.
    Anyway the most important problems have never been fixed. What they sell in reality is the hope that this will change one day but it surely will not!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise I will change to Linux.

    1. @Thomas Willms: I also use Win 7 at the office. At home I use “Linux Lite”. Was very easy to install, runs very fast on older hardware and very easy to use. For anyone that feels a NEED to leave “DOS”, do try “Linux Lite” (32 bit or 64 bit). It also gives you the option to “dual boot” (keep your old OS). I also installed it on an old laptop. The battery monitor stated I now had up to 6 hours of battery life, whereas with Windows I got barely 3 hours of battery life. Big difference. Best of ALL, it’s immune to viruses …..

  19. I love the XP and prefer it over windows 8 ,of course I hate the new aol also .But even though my own computer is XP and runs slow ,I want to continue using XP ,can I ??? My brother keeps telling me I have to get rid of the computer because the XP is no longer useable ,please can you help me on this so he will leave me alone about it ?? Is it still ok to use even ?? please reply to me at my email so I can show him your answer, Thank you I can be reached at [email protected] my name is Dawn

    1. @Dawn Morningstar Trent: Most cases, XP is slow because you need to increase memory (1GB to 2GB and XP will fly). Also defragging makes a massive difference. Periodically use CCleaner to keep the register cleaned up, to. The Register gets huge and slows operation down.

      1. @ChrisM: If you are going to use the defragging tool built into XP, then you need to run a defrag about twice a year from a User profile that IS NOT the one you use regularly, or the defrag will NOT be nearly as effective as it SHOULD be.

  20. I got adware from the updates from Microsoft on the XP I use to have. Since then on my computer with Windows 7 & 8.1, I have auto updates turned off!

  21. After screwing with computers for over 30 years since DOS. I believe the computer industry operates like the government. It using smoke and mirrors to scare people into believing they must have the latest and greatest system that is so much better and secure. What they actually want is your money. Wise up, don't take the bait.

  22. Sometimes I wonder why do hackers hack (other than to steal money). Is it just to be a P.I.T.A. or a form of venting anger at Microsoft. If it is mostly the latter, it seems to me they can hurt Microsoft more by not hacking MS programs but rather helping users, much like Linus users. The longer people keep Windows XP, the more money Microsoft looses in sales. I have a separate computer to run some of my favorite programs, games and apps that only run on XP that do not need internet access. Maybe I’m just a die-hard. The computer can also run DOS. Occassionally I run it just to remind me of my early days.

  23. We are a very small company having 12 desktops and 6 laptops, plus probably everyone has 12 more devices at home, ALL running XP Prevessional. Why doesn’t some company, like yours, take over the support of XP? I would pay you for that service as would millions of other folks. Hell, I might even run it for you.
    Dee Cross

  24. Been married to the same partner for 30 years. Software still works fine and I know what to do if I have a problem. Lots of new “packages” out there but I personally will stick with one I’m happy with. Take a hint Microsoft.

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