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Firefox In Decline

Why is Firefox market share on the decline?
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Firefox In Decline

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser’s market share has been gradually diminishing over the past couple of years, and if the latest figures are anything to go by, that downward trend appears to have accelerated alarmingly over the past couple of months.

According to statistics provided by the well respected NetMarketShare, Firefox’s market share hit a five-year low of 15.54% at the end of June 2014, a long way from its peak of 23.75% in 2009.

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of Firefox’s declining market share since December 2013:


A drop in market share of 2.81% over 6 months might not seem all that significant but, putting it in perspective, that equates to a decrease of around 15% in Firefox’s user-base, which does involve substantial numbers.

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20 thoughts on “Firefox In Decline”

  1. I once loved Firefox but the past few months it has slowed to a crawl and hangs up on a regular basis. I have gone back to IE but I literally hated to because of my enmity toward Microsoft.

  2. I try to not do what they did to their founder. Yes it was bullying, I will not take part in bullying behavior. Boycotting seems to be more bullying. The FF in it’s latest upgrade STINKS!!! That is reason to leave the fold. Lags in typing, non responsive interface, memory hogging. AND nothing is in the place where I was used to it being. Do not mess with customers minds!! Once we learn where things are at — like the back browser arrow– do not move it!!! FF you have lost me as a customer.

  3. I did try it before, but after they pushed the guy out because of his view on q….., I will never use it again.

  4. I’m heavily invested in Android (phone, tablet and Chromebook) so having my pc browser (chrome) seamlessly sync just makes sense to me.

  5. I have submitted a couple of bug reports to them and the person I communicated with just didn’t get it. I did Software/Firmware for Electronic Engine Controls, Disk Subsystems, Truly Asynchronous, Real-Time, Multi-Tasking Operating systems for well of thirty years and their support fool talked to me like I was totally ignorant. They still have not fixed the simplest and most dangerous to the user problem and it should be a simple fix. FireFox is too risky for me to use, Internet Explorer is better and I never thought I would say such a thing.

    1. @Phil Sanchez:
      I think that maybe it is more to do with the fact that they push out too many updates and since a certain update (28 I think) they have changed so many things around as well!! I really doubt if these ALL had anything to do with security problems. More than likely to keep up with the others like Chrome!!

    2. Don’t you mean BIGOTRY in the guise of religion? Scapegoating of homosexuals for every reason under the sun has /got/ to end. Zero tolerance for homophobia. It’s /not/ a religion, its a scourge on humanity.

  6. I mostly use Firefox over IE, simply because it is the lesser of two evils, so to speak. Of course nothing is perfect, and there are always things that I don't like about either one. Such Is Life !!!

  7. I use Firefox, because IE is messing with me lately .. I had no problems with Firefox, and will continue using it …

      1. @Gerry: Yes – many folks are unaware of these sites that provide software with multiple ads attached. Should be illegal, seems to me. Mike

    1. @Rodney Williams: I agree with the others. You must have downloaded it from a fake site. I use filehippo for my downloads. One tip I can give everybody as well, ALWAYS use CUSTOM / ADVANCED setup or install with program installers. IF you use the default settings, you can end up with a new toolbar or other programs which you really don’t need!! One example “adobe flashplayer” tries to install with an anti-virus (can’t remember which)!

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