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Backing Up Your Email and Contacts

How to back up your Hotmail and Outlook email accounts and contacts.–PC Pitstop.

Backing Up Your Email and Contacts

By Leo Notenboom

Hotmail accounts are hacked into and lost every day. I’ll review a couple of techniques that ensure you won’t lose email or contacts if it happens.

With all the theft and hacks into Hotmail accounts that I hear about, I do wish that it were easier to backup your Hotmail account – especially your contacts.

Not that it’s particularly difficult, it’s just not particularly easy either.

And it’s certainly not particularly obvious.

I’ll cover a couple of alternative approaches -Article Continued Here

This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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5 thoughts on “Backing Up Your Email and Contacts”

  1. Dear Leo
    I have recently upgraded to windows 8 and as a beginner to computing, am having loads of trouble in trying to figure out various things! My question is, how do I give control of my computer to my more computer literate Brother? Used to be able to do this on Messenger but I can not do it now. Do you have any hints or advice? Also can I download Microsoft Outlook on my current system? If so, how do I go about it? Thanking you in advance for any help you might be able to render.

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