PC Matic Success Stories of the Week

PC Matic Success Stories of the Week

Everyday we hear from PC Matic users from all over the world who share their thoughts about how PC Matic improved their computers. Here are some of our favorites…

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More PC Matic Reviews & Testimonials Here

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6 thoughts on “PC Matic Success Stories of the Week”

  1. Sigurdur Agust Sigurdsson

    I ran the pc matic and I work on computers and it told me I hadf stuff in my startup menu that I know was not there it did do a good scan and most of the stuff was right but it still tried to get me to buy it telling me stuff was wrong that was not

  2. I have 3 pcs. two laptops running windows 7

    and one I just bought with windows 8. updated to windows 8.1 all have pc Matic.
    PC Matic has been the best and only program I have ever used. it has kept them all running good. Especially the windows 8.1. its the biggest pain. I write music,I play pc games, Photos movies, with a 2 tb hard drive and I have to run pc Matic on it every day as if I don’t I get a blue screen. in my book its the best program out there.

  3. I used to run PC Matic. Then I got a major update and my PC crashed completely. I don’t know if it was PC Matic but it was the only change made that I knew of so i have to assume it was.

    1. @Hesperus: Think about it – If you USED to run PCmatic, meaning you must have stopped using PCmatic BEFORE the major update, THEN you got the major update and your pc crashed completely. So obviously it was the major update that caused the crash then, NOT PCmatic, yes? Where’s the problem? Sadly it’s YOU. Got an up to date back up by any chance? Hmm, thought not otherwise you wouldn’t have posted your comment – doh! No software in the world will help you recover from this unless you have a full and up to date backup to fall back on. Caveat emptor and all that, as they say! 😉

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