Avoiding Microsoft Scams

How to identify and avoid email/phone based scams that use the Microsoft name.–PC Pitstop

Avoiding Microsoft Scams

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

We get all sorts of emails daily – some of them could even be Support mail claiming to be sent from reputed organizations like Microsoft. On almost all occasions these emails turn out to be nothing more than scams, trying to convince you to reveal your personal information to them. You may even get a call from people claiming to represent, for instance, Microsoft Support. In this post, we will see how to identify and avoid email or phone scams that fraudulently use the Microsoft name.

Microsoft Scams: Identify & avoid scams that fraudulently use the Microsoft name

The most popular scams are ‘Lottery Scams’. At times, you may receive a message, stating that you have won some Microsoft lottery. The message might even look like it came from a Microsoft executive. However, the truth is that there is no Microsoft Lottery! Instead, it’s an attempt by scammers to trick you. First they will ask you to either disclose your bank details and/or deposit some advance money to facilitate receiving the ‘lottery money’. Delete any lottery message you receive right away.

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  1. I keep getting phone calls saying that my computer license key is discontinued and that I need to call them. 877 910 4929. to extend my license key (after paying) . I never answer or call but wonder if this is a scam .

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