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  1. For years I have relied upon ZoneAlarm to provide a firewall – do I still need to provide my own firewall coverage?

  2. Had just a few issues, all minor, best tech experiences I have ever had from any company and I've been in computers for over 25 years, all Windows programs, and Mac as well. Wouldn't be without this utility. If it's not working for you, then you must not be working with Pitstop–

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    After reading some of these comments I find myself very surprised. I have been using PC Matic for years and have had no issues whatsoever. In fact, my reports tell me that many viruses and malware issues have been detected and removed.

    Is it possible that those who are having issues have not contacted support to get help? Or another problem is any computer tends to get slower when a lot of “stuff” is on the hard drive and hasn’t been removed or just organized in awhile. The more stuff you have on a hard drive the slower it will become.

    I’ve used many of the “big” name protection programs and I found them to be tremendous memory hogs. They constantly run in the background which slows down the computer and so often jams it up so badly because there is not enough memory left to do the things I need to do on a computer.

    Talk to tech support and they could possibly point out and help you correct some issues you are experiencing and those you don’t even know about.

    Also, you might want to consider adding more RAM to lessen the load and help make your computer run faster.

  4. Not too happy with service so far. I had McAfee. It keeps popping up my computer is at risk. I got PCMatic to rid of ad popups. I have just as many, or more.

  5. bought your service tuesday for faster internet reponse so far it has hot happened
    most disipointed in the service my pc is not faster i still cannot get the blaze,daily caller,and free beacon to respond so i'm not sure that i have not been taken advantage of i don't think this is a true ad on tv that your offer faster service i would
    like my money back because you sure have not lived up to your claims
    david j smellley at [email protected]

  6. I have to tell you here (since I’ve not found another way) that I will not be renewing PC Matic. If you care, it’s because when it runs, it frequently get stuck and the only way to “get it’s attention is to cntrl-alt-del and restart.

    The problem solving is too hard to reach (I gave up on looking)

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