3 Ways to Guard Against the Darkside of the Internet

3 Ways to Guard Against the Darkside of the Internet

Anti-virus software and regular updates are not enough to protect against the danger lurking online..–PC Pitstop.

By Dave for PCTechBytes.com

The Internet is a vast wonderland of free sites and services, a glorious cornucopia of software and information donated through the kindness of others who expect nothing in return. Unlike the real world, there is no deceit, no scams or greed-driven conspirators trying to make a buck at your expense. The Internet is a virtual field of green pastures where no one and nothing can do you harm.

If only that were the case.

As most of us already know the Internet is not a Xanadu of technological gifts we’re entitled to. It’s the back alley of any metropolis where danger can be lurking under the guise of a friendly clown face or actively seeking you out with claws and fangs exposed. The Internet is not a safe place.

But even though most of us already know this, we continue to make mistakes in our daily computing lives that put our systems and privacy at risk. It simply is not enough to run antivirus software and make sure we have the most recent Microsoft updates. You have to proactively counter those out there looking for a foothold, a moment of weakness where you let your guard down and expose yourself.

The follow are a list of things you can do to immediately improve your computer security:

This post is excerpted with the permission of PCTechBytes.com

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