Save Windows 8 Start Screen for Reinstall

Save Windows 8 Start Screen for Reinstall

By Shujaa Imran for MakeTechEasier

Learn how to backup your customized Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 start screen layout – if you ever need to reinstall Windows.–PC Pitstop..

Starting from the infamous Windows 8, Microsoft decided to re-design its Start Screen, choosing a more tile-based layout. Now the first thing you’ll probably see when you log into your computer is your Start screen. And the update to Windows 8.1 also introduced many more customization options to help you personalize your Start screen.

Some people don’t really use the Start screen. And some rely on it heavily. Either way, there’s quite a bit of chance that you’ve spent some time customizing it properly to your liking. The problem is, whenever you reinstall Windows in the future, you will have to customize it again. This can also happen if your Start screen gets rearranged accidentally. We’ve narrated how to back up your Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen layout and restore it later below,

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  1. excuse my poor tech talk, currently, my program stops, a bar at the bottom of the screen says,
    window explorer has disconnected, working on reconnection, then, reconnected away I go again.

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