Troubleshooting Tips and Tools in Safe Mode

Tips and Tools for Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

by Mitz from

8 great tips and tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting PC problems from within Safe Mode.
–PC Pitstop.

Everyone tells you to boot into safe mode to troubleshoot a computer problem but they never mention what to do when you actually get into safe mode. In this article I will list some diagnostic tools you can use in safe mode to troubleshoot a computer problem.

First – Entering Safe Mode

Starting a PC in Safe Mode means stripping Windows down to its bare bones and preventing all non-Windows applications from starting up. This helps in two ways: the processor has to run at only a tiny fraction of its capacity; and it enables users to test installed software for faults one by one.

To boot to safe mode you simply repeatedly press F8 when your computer is booting up. This will take you the Windows Advanced Options Menu where you will find the safe mode option.

Types of Safe Mode

Often people get confused when they have to choose which safe mode to boot in to. There is usually three different types.

Safe Mode: Normal safe mode with the least amount of drivers and applications loaded.

Safe Mode with Networking: Safe Mode with Networking allows you access to the internet, so that you can download any needed software or updates.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt: Safe Mode with Command Prompt is for advanced computer users who know how to run DOS commands.

Diagnostic Tools to Use in Safe Mode-Article Continued Here

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6 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Tips and Tools in Safe Mode”

  1. Still cannot get past the Dell logo. Managed to get to preboot system. Cannot get to safe mode. system test showed no problem with hardware. This is with Windows 10

  2. Having trouble booting up, PC Pitstiop sent me a canned message with instructions for starting my Windiws 8.1 in Safe Mode. Pressing f8 key, pressing f5 key does not get me anything

    1. Tyler Rodelsturtz

      @Sharon Menk:
      I’m sure you already fixed this problem since the post was from roughly a month ago, but if you are still experiencing this problem use the arrow keys. Your mouse pointer will not show up in boot menus.

  3. Three occasions I have had my systems crash with XP having to be reinstalled from OS disc. I was unable to access ‘safe mode’ on two of the occasions and on the third failure I did get ‘safe mode’ only to receive BOD and restart loop.

    From my experience using Google Search a few hundred times most people are UNABLE to access ‘safe mode’

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