Shocking Chronology of Data Breaches

Shocking chronology of data breaches

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Chronology Data Base provides a customizable look at data breaches recorded since 2005 that continue to impact millions.


stolen credit card data floods into criminal forums on a steady basis. Well north of 740 million records were exposed in 2013, making it the worst year in terms of data breaches recorded. And that’s a very conservative number derived by analyzing approximately 500 breaches listed on the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Chronology Data Base, according to the Online Trust Alliance.

That list is comprised of publicly disclosed data breaches and includes the 40 million records Target disclosed losing on Dec. 13. Target’s official estimate is now up to 110 million. And many of the breach cases listed for 2013 show an unknown or undisclosed number of records taken. So 740 million is a low number.–
USA Today 1/28/2014

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