Free Security Tools from Microsoft

Free Security Tools from Microsoft

By Bob Rankin

Free tools from Microsoft provide an extra layer of protection against malware.–PC Pitstop

When it comes to computer and online security, Microsoft Windows is often portrayed as the problem rather than the solution. But don’t get the idea that Microsoft doesn’t care about security. In fact, Microsoft publishes several free and effective security tools for home and professional users. Try some of these to see if your currently installed security software is doing everything it should to protect you…

Beyond Anti-Virus: Try These Free Microsoft Security Tools

News of security breaches frequently mention a “vulnerability in Windows.” The fact is that any software is vulnerable to hacking; it just so happens that Windows is the most popular target because it’s the biggest.

Are you sure your Windows system is correctly configured, has all the latest security patches, and that your anti-virus software is adequately protecting you?

Here are several free tools from Microsoft that you can use to find out.

Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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3 thoughts on “Free Security Tools from Microsoft”

  1. RON WHYTOCK(South Africa)

    Bob, I d/l Avast Free, but regrettably it caused a huge slowdown of my normally fairly crisp and stable XP system, plus a number of other problems, so had to uninstall.Before it disappeared it DID pick up a medium class virus, which my paid Kaspersky has ignored for 2 years- which one is correct? Who knows.
    Thanks for your tips- usually very useful.

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