5 Best Business Apps for Windows 8

5 Best Business Apps for Windows 8

By Windows Talk

Enhance your bottom line with these 5 popular business applications now available for Windows 8.–PC Pitstop.

Microsoft has released a public report in classic Windows 8 style. The report details 100,000 active apps have been uploaded to the Windows Store and 175,000 apps are active in the Windows Phone Store. The Phone Store has seen 2 billion downloads of apps and games in 2012.

App stores are major entities in modern business, as we are all starting to realize. The following apps and programs illuminate the widespread use, and accessibility we have to excellent business programs which enhance our bottom line:

1. EverNote

EverNote is a note keeping app, but it offers so much versatility. The EverNote Business option is a presentable platform for business-based organizing and sharing. According to its site, the program allows users to display information in a presentation mode, and skip the tedious process of converting anything to PowerPoint for visual aid. Access the program anywhere without requiring an online connection. Sticky boards and multiple access points allow a creative team to add tasks, engage others with ideas, and seamlessly share content live and immediately, as detailed on the EverNote features page.

The EverNote company has also released a handful of enticing accessories to compliment the program, including a slim leather wallet, a laptop driver sleeve, and a note holder. On a technical level, the company provides an EverNote scanner to seamlessly scan physical items into the EverNote platform, and a special stylus for tablets which allows you to easily write in items on the EverNote service.

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