Keeping Online Holiday Orders Secret

by Suzanne Kantra for Techlicious

Keep your online gift giving preparations under wraps.–PC Pitstop.

Keep your order and delivery notifications private

Once you’ve purchased a gift, the next security hole is your email.

Lock your computer
If you use a computer at home, make sure you log out of your computer when you’re finished using it. And, set your computer to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity and require your password to come out of sleep so kids can’t check out what you’ve been doing when you step away.

On Windows PCs, you’ll find this under “Control Panel” then “Appearance and Personalization” and then in the “Personalization” section you’ll find “Change screen saver.”
On Macs, go to “System Preferences” then “Security and Privacy” and you’ll find it under the “General” tab.

Lock your phone
There are many reasons why you should keep your phone locked. Add foiling gift spies to the list. Choose from PIN code, a password or a pattern, among other options, and then set your phone to lock after you turn off the display and require your passcode to unlock.

Turn off shipping notifications
If you use Google on your iOS or Android device, you may have opted-in to Google Now. One of the notifications you receive through Google Now is package notifications, which often includes the name of item or items in the order.

Usually knowing a package has shipped is a good thing, but not if your child sees the notice pop up on your phone. You can easily turn off package tracking notifications for the holidays by tapping the “i” button in the top right corner and then selecting “change settings.”

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