Is Windows 8 Better than Windows 7 for Gaming?

Is Windows 8 Better than Windows 7 for Gaming?

By Windows Talk

Has Windows 8 replaced Windows 7 as the best platform for PC gaming?–PC Pitstop.

It’s been a bumpy road for Windows 8 and its gaming platform. Microsoft recently had to fix issues with version 8.1, which created mouse-pointer problems in certain games, PC world reports. All this only adds to an 18-month pile of criticism following the new operating system from the gaming community. Now that Windows 8 is past its first birthday (and on its second version with 8.1), it’s easier to see through the dust of bad press and jarring first impressions. Can we finally decide if Windows 8 is the best platform for gaming?

Performance Specs and Windows 7

Early complaints with Windows 8 were that its massive size would run games slower than Windows 7 and, in some cases, those complaints were valid. The new OS took on a massive UI overhaul to reflect an experience more similar to Xbox and Windows Phone (known as Metro) while also giving users the option to switch back to the classic view. Keeping both in one OS meant massive space occupied on the hard drive and more RAM to keep operations running smoothly.

Another major difference between Windows 7 and 8 is the use of DirectX. Previous versions of Windows relied on DirectX to power gaming graphics, but Windows 8 uses DirectX only to enhance existing graphics powered by the OS. This seems like a bonus on paper, but the new order of operations can negatively affect performance in games designed pre-Windows 8.

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6 thoughts on “Is Windows 8 Better than Windows 7 for Gaming?”

  1. windows 10 vs windows 8.1 vs windows 7 which better for gaming?
    ,windows 10 is always better for gaming but very lag high end pc supported to windows 10 to better. windows 8.1, windows 8.1 was high performance but not windows 10 very high performance not add windows 8.1 update
    ,windows 8.1 was not care Microsoft family all hardware supported. windows 7, windows 7 was expire windows 7 was die this windows 7 was not secure windows 7 is not better for windows 8.1 and windows 10, windows 8.1 was better windows 7 windows 10 is legend first legend of windows 7, 2021 , windows 10 was legend
    but windows 8.1 expire date is 2023 windows 8.1 was expire this is a sad news but Microsoft family Is already expire windows 7 windows 8 expire date is 2023 but windows 10 not expire 10 windows was care Microsoft family
    10 windows was legend

  2. Nice article, except Windows 7 was never great for gaming as it never outperformed XP x64 despite Microsoft’s hatred of their own creation.

    Truth is Microsoft is about as interested in modern PC gaming as Google. That is to say, they really couldn’t care less because they have almost no fiscal incentive to pursue it over mobile crap like Angry Birds and Peggle. The next safe haven for PC gaming is likely to be Linux or bust. Maybe it’s because I’m a cynic, but I’m leaning towards bust. Windows 7 is the last Windows I see myself installing and I only boot it occasionally for DX10+.

  3. Now, if someone could figure out how to make the crossbred titanic of OSs show something other than that little circle going around an around and…. I’ve had every tech person from the Phillipeans vs the indians (dots, not feathers) with their virtual hands in the tightly packed but Neuronless OS of the mighty 8.1, but it has yet to play a video. Of course one blames Adobe and the other blames Windows, and they both claim that Flash is embedded In Microsoft, but one would think, after 20 some hours of remote support, someone would be able to find the damned thing.

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