Are You Sick of Windows?

Are You Sick of Windows?

By Bob Rankin

Sick and tired of trying to learn Windows 8? Bob Rankin explores a few alternatives.–PC Pitstop

Windows 8 is attempting to be a better alternative to old-school Windows. But it’s scaring off a lot of consumers who see a trusted, familiar face now radically transformed into something alien and confusing. One may as well consider other operating systems if there’s going to be a learning curve anyway. Here are several alternatives to running Windows on your desktop, laptop or mobile device…

Alternatives to Windows

You may have known no other personal computer operating system besides Windows, if you are a typical consumer/home user. But other alternatives are becoming well-established in consumer computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. People are becoming accustomed to the ways of non-Windows operating systems, and with ease-of-use of alternatives may come the realization that something is actually better than Windows. Or that it just doesn’t matter.

Of course, you can always cling to your current version of Windows as long as possible. Microsoft support for Windows XP will end completely on April 18, 2014; that means not even security and vulnerability patches will be provided. Support for Windows 7 will start to be scaled back on January 13, 2015. For complete details on the end-of-support schedules for all Windows versions, see my article, Still Holding On To Windows XP?

If mobility is the future of your computing, then your alternatives to Windows are Apple iOS and Google Android. The iPhone and the iPad are Apple’s very popular smartphone and tablet offerings. They run the iOS operating system, which is noted for simplicity, but not so much for flexibility. Android smartphones and tablets are available from a myriad of vendors in all sorts of configurations. Some of the most popular now are the Samsung Galaxy series, the Motorola Droid RAZR, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Google Nexus tablet.

Because Android was designed to be open, flexible, and modifiable, it is typically molded or “skinned” to suit the whims (and business goals) of the vendor or wireless carrier that offers the device. For example, the look and feel of the Android OS running on the Kindle Fire is rather different from that of the Samsung Galaxy S4. But under the hood, 99% of the code is the same.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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7 thoughts on “Are You Sick of Windows?”

  1. Well, I only said it was rumoured – I love Win8 and don’t miss anything that Win7 had including the Start button.
    I’ve used most versions of Windows and go back to Win 3.11
    I love Windows and MS – Windows forever!

  2. What about the multi-millions of people who play games through the Windows OS??? That is a lot of invested entertainment $$$ and the main system for gaming of all sorts. The way MS does business this way is a slap in the face of all these people……….IMHO MS has lost touch with the people and doesn’t seem to care.

  3. What good is Ubuntu if it only lasts for 9 months? I ran a search and that was the first words I saw . . . C’mon, Rankin you’re full of mud and bad manners. Be honest and tell the truth Windows and Bill Gates is still the only crappy game in town. While you’re at it tell the truth about the cloud also. It was explained to me there were no viral attacks and this is because . . .
    I am not attacking you Bob R. Its just that there is way to much garbage out there on the web. I gave up on the search early on Ubuntu because it felt like it was one of those unfinished deals. Real competition would be an OS that provides the same things windows does at a cheaper price. Linux tried to be competition for Windows and then at the time I found it was a hack job.

  4. Talking about alternative operating systems,Win8 can be installed on a desktop,Can Android be installed on a desktop?What is needed?

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