No More Excuses – Five Easy Backups

No More Excuses – Five Easy Backups

By Bob Rankin

You have officially run out of excuses for not backing up your data. Bob Rankin offers an insightful overview of simple to use external backup solutions.–PC Pitstop

Backups used to be straightforward. Back in the day, your data was stashed on an internal hard drive, and all you needed to do was copy it to a CD or an external hard drive. (Anyone else remember the XCOPY command?) But now, megabytes have blossomed into gigabytes and terabytes.

Some files are locked can’t be backed up by simply copying them. Data is spread out over local drives, removable media, home networks, mobile devices, cloud storage services, and social media. Some backup software wants YOU to decide what needs to get backed up.

Plug and play is good. Automatic backups are great. Software that runs out of the box, without geekspeak and techno-jargon is awesome. Below are five backup drives that manage to keep things easy for users. All but one work on both PC and Mac computers.
backup hard drives

If you’re backing up your data to a separate partition on your hard drive, you still run the risk of losing everything to a hardware or natural disaster. And worse, if you’re still procrastinating about doing backups, read How I Got Hacked… And Why You MUST Have a Backup! Then check out all five backup drives and choose one to safeguard your data from loss.

1: Clickfree has patented Easy Run™ software that makes backups plug-and-play. Just plug the C2 or C6 external drive into a Windows or Mac computer and the software automatically begins the backup process. The C2 is for user-generated content; it will find and backup over 500 file types including photos, music, video, etc. The C6 makes complete system backups including operating system, configuration, application, and content files. Other included software backs up music and playlists from iPods, iPads, and iPhones. Password and encryption protection are available. Drive capacities range from 500 GB to 2 TB.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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