How Fast Is Your Internet Speed

How Fast Is Your Internet Speed

By Bob Rankin

Bob Rankin takes a closer look at ways to test your internet speed with tests like that found here at PC Pitstop.–PC Pitstop

‘How fast is my internet speed?’ is a common question. There are quite a few definitions of internet speed and several free ways to test it. Here’s the scoop on Internet speed tests, and why you definitely should check your speed every once in a while…

What is My Internet Speed?

By “internet speed” most people mean, “how fast I can download things” like web pages, music and movie files, software, etc. Internet service providers tune their connections so that most of their available bandwidth is devoted to downloading and far less to uploading (sending) things. ISPs do this because a) they know fast downloads are of greater importance to most consumers, and b) they want to discourage people from running high-traffic business Web sites from their consumer priced accounts.

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When uploading or downloading, the Internet is “bursty.” That means your file transfer will go very fast one instant and very slowly the next. “Net speed” is generally measured as an average, dividing the time it takes to transfer a file of a given size into the file size. If it takes 1 second to transfer a file of 1 MB, your Net speed is 1 MB/s – at that particular time, and between the two particular points.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

PC Pitstop offers a FREE Internet Speed Test.

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  1. It does not work correctly in another country, I have 100Mpbs and it tets 5Mpbs London and 6 for LA, I am in Auistralia. Thx.

  2. scareware, stay away from pcmatic scans, tells me to remove system restore file and turn off firefox password protection, tells me it found petty stuff and wants money to fix it, plenty of free programs out there, now i have to use revo to uninstall and get rid of all the reg entries it added to my pc

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