Best Backup Solutions For Your Data



Best Backup Solutions For Your Data

There are several backup solutions on offer to cater for our varied needs. For example, the needs of a single computer user at home are different from that of a large organisation.

There three major types of backup systems namely: full, incremental and differential. Full backup allows one to make full a copy of all data files in the computer. This option is good for an average home user and could be done weekly.

Differential and incremental backups are mostly used in organisations and are done several times a week. Differential back up is done to back up files that have changed since the last full backup. They take longer and use much space but their restoration time is much shorter.

An incremental backup backs up files that have been changed since the last backup (whether full or incremental). They are quicker and take less space but their restoration time is much longer. You have to restore the full back up and incremental backup since the ‘event’ happened (an ‘event’ is whatever occurred to affect the data storage system).

Software developers have created an array of backup software that offer a wide range of options to back up and restore data. Each system is made to fit a different set of needs. Here are some common software tools.

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