Criminals Using Webcams for Spying

Rossen Reports: Criminals use webcams for spying

Authorities are saying criminals can now hack into your webcam remotely, using it to watch your most intimate moments without you ever knowing. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates how you can protect yourself and your family.

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Unpatched TRENDnet IP cameras still provide a real-time Peeping Tom paradise
It’s been nearly a year after the TRENDnet security camera vulnerability became public, so let’s try to raise awareness about the privacy-decimating issue. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so now these numerous TRENDnet security video camera screenshots can do the talking. | 1/7/13

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13 thoughts on “Criminals Using Webcams for Spying”

  1. I am a computer Dummy, but I still use one of those free address labels to cover my camera on both of my laptops..They will easily remove when needed..Use a label that has a foil surface..

  2. The video seems very scripted, like those “reality” shows they drag out to make it suspenseful and interesting. Very fake how they say things like “someone could be watching you at any time”.
    Its not that easy to get the software loaded on a pc as you would need a very new trojan to do it. And yes, its impossible for a pc to do anything in sleep mode.
    Don’t fall for these scare tactics and be aware of what you do on you computer, you’ll only be compromised if you do stupid things.

    1. @Techguy: Dear Tech Guy, you have missed the point. It was demonstrated that by including a trojan in an ecard or other email a predator can end up watching a computer user through their webcam. New trojans are coming out daily almost everyone knows that. It’s good to remind people of the real consequences of opening unknown emails and even ecards because it happens everyday. P.S: These guys did not ask anyone for money.

  3. For Desktop cams: they will usually show as active (with a light on the cam). To ensure that nothing is transmitted, simply point it to a blank wall when not in use.(Or use the “tape” suggestion – any cover, even TP, will suffice. If the cam transmits audio, it might be a better idea to unplug when not in use.)

  4. What kind of computer "expert" are you talking to? Nothing runs in sleep mode, not viruses, not your webcam, not even the CPU itself (only the RAM is kept powered). How is this even news? It's not like somebody found an exploit vulnerability with the way Windows handles the webcam capture API or anything. This guy just developed a computer program with the ability to stream webcams without a UI and sent it off in an email. I could maybe see this as a threat if it were coupled with zero-day attacks utilizing vulnerabilities with popular web browsers on a mass-scale, but this is just some guy with a piece of software and an email account. lol

    1. @Jonathan Gray:.So does this mean you feel this is …ah”sorta ok?”….How bout if YOU were the one that this other “one guy with software” was spyin on?…..yer cool with that?I find it to be a no lolling matter..

      1. @eddie clark: A piece of dark plastic combined with a piece of tape will remedy the problem. Or, pull the driver & software. If you read agreements on sites like skype, they are already claiming rites to your images (if you sign up for service). If camera hacks shock you, just wait until people wake up to “the cloud” being hacked into. With all the current security breaches, I can’t believe people consider putting their personal data into “the cloud”. My guess is this: one day that cloud is going to wizz on everybody who uses it.

      2. @eddie clark:
        You are right Eddy. Many people don’t realize the fact that they can be spied on.
        The fact that a computer “may” be in sleep mode is not relevent because it’s not always in sleep mode. Even if the camera light is on light is on who is thinking someone may be spying on me?! This should be a wake-up call to everyone. Definitely not a laughing mater.

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